Mafia Marksman: Weapon Design, Level Progression, and Market Strategy

Ideation and Design

To enhance Auto Cop, we created a new concept about Mafia. I ideated a variety of unique weapons, each with distinct feel and usage. I also planned a clear progression system tied to a mafia family ranking, where new weapons would be unlocked with each family level up. To ensure diverse gameplay experiences, I designed levels to complement specific weapon types. I added a level map to the Home Screen to guide player progression.

As the level designer, I personally created all levels and coordinated with the programmer to implement necessary features. This approach led to a game with a compelling CPI (Cost Per Install) and robust in-game metrics.

Iteration and Marketability

Despite strong initial numbers, we conducted one iteration focusing on marketability. However, improvement in this area was limited. Based on the publisher’s suggestion, we considered exploring other publishers with more flexible KPIs.

Collaboration with YsoCorp

I decided to pitch the game to YsoCorp, who had more adaptable KPIs. After finalizing a monetization plan with them, I implemented it without redirecting the team’s focus. This version was then tested, showing promising LTV (Lifetime Value). Consequently, Auto Cop proceeded to global launch.

In summary, Auto Cop’s weapon diversity and tailored level design resulted in a game with a strong initial CPI and in-game metrics. Despite challenges in marketability with the initial publisher, successful collaboration with YsoCorp and effective monetization planning led to a promising global launch.

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